Electronic Door Locks, Asheville, NC

We can answer any questions you have about electronic door locks and how they function.

Changes in the lock industry have brought new and improved security options for both residential and commercial applications. One advancement in the industry is the addition of electronic door locks, which can add an extra layer of security to an exterior door. Electronic door locks rely on electric power to function and can be controlled with something other than a key. You might want an electronic door lock if you’re looking to lock and unlock your front door with your mobile device or you want to be able to check whether the lock is engaged when you’re away.

Electronic Door Locks in Asheville, North Carolina

Electronic door locks started on cars, but they’re now available for installation on doors in homes and businesses. They’re secure and dependable, but easier to unlock if you have items in your hands or struggle to use keys due to pain in your hands. Instead of the traditional pin and tumbler system found in a key-based lock, an electronic door lock contains an actuator, which moves the bolt into and out of place to allow the door to open.  

At A. L. Odom Locksmiths, Inc., we offer electronic door locks to those located in and near Asheville, North Carolina. Our experienced and helpful locksmiths can talk to you about the options available and answer any questions you have about electronic door locks and how they function. We often recommend these locks to those who want more flexibility when it comes to locking and unlocking their doors. Contact us to learn more about electronic door locks and the benefits they can bring to your space.

At A. L. Odom Locksmiths, Inc., we install electronic door locks in Asheville, Hendersonville, Weaverville, Burnsville, Waynesville, Franklin, Greenville, Spartanburg, Fletcher, Arden, Marshall, Spruce Pine, Raleigh, Winston-Salem, and Buncombe County, North Carolina, as well as Newport and Knoxville, Tennessee.