A Quick History of Door Locks

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Very early door locks used to serve more like detection devices, using knotted rope to protect personal belongings that would show when someone had tampered with it. The first mechanical door lock dates back over six thousand years ago to Ancient Egypt. Made of wood, the pin tumbler lock allowed people to unlock a bolted door with a key. The Romans further developed door locks by making use of iron, which meant they could withstand attempts to gain entry by force. Keys also got smaller, which made it easier to keep them on your person.

A Quick History of Door Locks

In the late 18th century, door locks went through a major transformation with the patent of the double-acting tumbler lock. Waves of new lock inventions and improvements followed, improving the ability of door locks to resist lockpickers and protect homes. As the Industrial Revolution dramatically expanded the economy, the need for door locks also increased exponentially.

Since the later 1900s, the design of door locks has continued to develop to meet more specific functions. Keyless door locks grew in use, particularly in large commercial or industrial settings like hospitals or airports. Smart home technology has also changed the lock landscape, allowing digital door locks to be used for property access.

Throughout time, the main principle of door locks has remained unchanged, while their design and function have changed. People have always had the desire to protect their loved ones and assets, and security has long been an integral aspect of human society. Locks play a huge role in our day-to-day lives, and we’re proud to carry on the legacy of locksmiths.