Four Benefits of Electronic Keypad Locks for Residential Use

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There are lots of solutions for securing your home, and you don’t have to opt for traditional locks. Electronic keypad locks are a popular option that offers numerous benefits for homeowners. You don’t have to keep track of physical keys or worry about changing your locks when one gets lost. They can also be easier for families with young kids.

Four Benefits of Electronic Keypad Locks for Residential Use

Here are four benefits of electronic keypad locks for residential use:

  1. Lessen the risk of getting locked out. Unless you forget the code, you won’t have to worry about losing keys and getting locked out.
  2. Allows easy access for guests or temporary purposes. Electronic keypad locks allow you to set up guest codes, which means you can provide temporary access as needed. If you have cleaners, dog walkers, babysitters, or contractors who need to get inside, it’s a great solution. It means you don’t need to re-key a lock once they don’t need access anymore.
  3. Improved safety for young kids. Electronic keypad locks mean you do not need to provide a house key to your children. It’s easy for them to misplace keys during a busy school day, so a keypad lock means it’s one less key to track. It also means that once they arrive home, the door will automatically lock behind them, which adds extra peace of mind for parents.
  4. Additional protection over traditional locks. It is much more difficult to crack a 10-digit code than it is to pick a traditional lock (though there are varying levels of locks and options). This can deter burglars from even making the attempt.

If you are thinking of updating your home’s security, reach out to our team to discuss various lock systems on the market. Our expertise and honesty have your best interests at heart to protect your loved ones and personal belongings.