How Digital Locks Will Better Support Your Business [infographic]

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Are you thinking about updating your locks for your commercial property? You should consider digital locks. Digital locks have increased security for businesses while creating a convenient system for protecting your property. Here are a few ways that digital locks will better support your business.

How Digital Locks Will Better Support Your Business

  • Offers Personalized Options. You can control digital locks from a variety of devices including tablets and smartphones. No more worrying about keys, you can provide pin numbers to your employees or devices to control the system. You can also schedule times that doors will automatically lock and unlock.
  • More Control Over Who Enters. You can prevent unauthorized access with a quick touch. This means you can easily revoke access to employees or quickly lock up from afar.
  • Enhance Security. Digital Locks provide more control over who can access certain areas. You can provide electronic keys that are easily changed instead of physical copies of keys that can be lost or stolen. Not to mention, older locks are easily picked or broken by thieves. Digital locks add a layer of security that is harder to breach.
  • Provide Up to Date Information. With digital locks you have remote access to your property. You can check that your property is secure and can allow access to individuals as needed. You can also add technology that will take a picture of anyone who enters or exits through a door. You will always know who is in your facility.

How Digital Locks Will Better Support Your Business

If you are interested in adding digital locks to your commercial property, we can help. At A. L. Odom Locksmiths, Inc., we can help you upgrade your security with digital locks. Give us a call today to learn more about the options available and how digital locks can benefit your business.