Three Common Questions About Locksmith Services

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Locksmith services can help with a wide range of needs, such as key cutting or repairs. Locks are designed for peace of mind, and that’s where having a good locksmith you can trust is key (pun intended!)

Three Common Questions About Locksmith Services

 Here are three common questions about locksmith services:

  1. What does it mean to re-key a lock? Sometimes the term “re-key” is used interchangeably with changing locks, but these are actually different locksmith services. Re-keying involves changing the pins inside an existing lock so that it works with a different key, which means old copies will no longer work. Changing a lock means the entire mechanism is replaced by a new one, which can be a good idea if the lock is worn-out, damaged, or outdated.
  2. Couldn’t I just call the police to unlock my car? Unless you have an emergency, in which case a window would be broken to gain entry to your car, you should not call police to help you in this situation—that simply takes them away from actual emergencies. If ever you find yourself locked out, call an automotive locksmith to help. They can usually provide aid fairly quickly so that you can get back on the road.
  3. Can a locksmith help open a safe? Yes! Since safes are designed to prevent unwanted access, they are naturally more complex than getting into a locked house or car. If you are unable to get into your safe, it’s even more important to call professional locksmith services, since they will be able to help without causing damage to your important belongings.

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