Three Signs You Need a Car Key Replacement Service

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Your life can be seriously affected by a lost or damaged car key. If your car key isn’t in the same fully functional condition it was in when you got it, it’s time to look into car key replacement services. Here are three of the top signs that you need to replace your car key.

Three Signs You Need a Car Key Replacement Service

  1. Visible Damages – Over time, keys can get damaged or worn down. Once your key takes on too much damage, it may be unable to let you into your car or turn it on. Keys are made to last a long time and can hold up for several years, but if your key has reached the point where it’s too damaged to work properly, you’ll need to replace it.
  2. Theft – Stolen car keys are a pain to deal with. However, it’s crucial that you hire car key replacement services as soon as possible after your keys have been stolen, as someone with your car key can easily get access to your car and any belongings that you have in there.
  3. Lack of Response – Newer car keys can be programmed to unlock your car without having to stick a key in the lock. However, if your car key fails to respond when you attempt to unlock your car from a distance, there could be an issue. Sometimes all you need to do is replace the batteries for the key, but if replacing the batteries doesn’t solve the issue, you likely need a car key replacement.

We know how much of a hassle it can be to try to work around lost or damaged car keys, which is why we are happy to provide our car key replacement service. If you need a new car key, call us here at A. L. Odom Locksmiths, Inc. today.