4 Signs You Need Safe Repair [infographic]

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To secure your business’s most valuable assets, you need a reliable safe. Your safe can prevent theft and protect your profits. But sometimes safe repair is needed to keep your safe working properly. Here are 4 signs to watch out for that will help you know when you need a safe repair.

4 Signs You Need Safe Repair

  1. Stiff Hinges. If the hinges on your safe make it tough to open or shut the door, a professional can help you to repair or replace these hinges. Fixing the hinges before they get stuck or become too hard to open can save you from a bigger headache later.
  2. Sticking Lock. The lock on your safe can become hard to turn over time. You may find that you need more and more force to open the lock. A locksmith can help you create better keys for your safe or even a new safe lock if needed.
  3. Jammed Door. If the door of your safe is broken or jammed, a professional locksmith can help you open the safe and repair or replace the door. A broken door can’t protect your valuables very well, so give us a call right away to return your safe to its secure purpose.
  4. Broken Keys. If your keys break or get stuck in your lock, you can contact a locksmith to remove the stuck part of the key. We can also check your lock for damage that would make it less secure. We can help with repairs or replacements that are needed.

4 Signs You Need Safe Repair

If you need safe repair, give us a call at A. L. Odom Locksmiths, Inc. We have experienced technicians with extensive training who can investigate and solve any issues that arise with your commercial safes. If your safe is beyond repair, we also have a wide variety of new safes available to purchase in our storefront.